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How to buy the right toys for your Child? - a_toddler_drama (Keerthana)

How To Buy The Right Toys For Your Child?

Sometimes we parents get overwhelmed when it comes to buying toys for our kids, don’t you think so. .

It becomes literally impossible to choose just “a toy on budget” when you walk into a toy store , or when you are trying to purchase online. .

How do we get to choose a toy from the ocean of toys available, and not to forget that each one looks more tempting than the other?

Round and round goes your head, should I buy this toy or should I buy that, or should I check in other place .... questions keep buzzing.

Here in this post , I’ve just tried to summaries a few pointers that might help you choose the RIGHT TOY FOR YOUR CHILD

Safety: First and foremost, make a safe check - choking hazards, toxic/non toxic, flammable/inflammable - more such, you must be aware of already.

Interest of the child: This is very important - go by the interest of your child, think from their shoes before you invest. .

Ask yourself simple questions •


Age group mentioned on every toy: This matters only to an extent, you don’t really have to go by the age mention. Depending on your child’s skills/requirements you can either go up the scale or down the scale (down the scale very rarely)

Rather than asking a question “What age do you suggest this toy for ?” - think of your child’s interest and skill, get to know more about the toy and then you get to DECIDE  because you are the one who knows what your child needs - Agreed??

Don’t choose a toy where your child will be just a spectator, the more the toy performs , the less will your child do. (Battery operated) - the toy shouldn’t be completely battery operated , the toy should let the child explore, create and play with it.

Long lasting toys: open ended toys , toys that grow with your child. Quality of the toy - the toy needs to survive the handling of a child. It’s not about big brands it’s about the quality. Sometimes at local stores you will find a few amazing toys that you may not find in big stores - they happen to serve the purpose really well, so it’s about the quality and product.

Before buying a toy, we need to know about the toy : read the toy description, watch videos to see the usage of the toy (if necessary - YouTube)

All the toys that look tempting need not be bought.

Make your wishlist, don’t purchase immediately, give it a pause for a week - you might change your mind sometimes what you then thought you really want , may be something that you don’t really want

The above mentioned points are all that I personally implement, hope this helps.

About the Author:-

Keerthana is a budding Mom Blogger, popular for her play ideas and her detailed product reviews. You can follow her fabulous account on Instagram for some daily inspo!

Insta Handle : @a_toddler_drama

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