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Can You Play

by Books
Rs. 400.00
SKU 9789385023651

Age : 15 Year+

Can you Play is about playing the game called 'Life', which remains oblivious to us despite it playing right head-on. This game has been highlighted by many thinkers and spiritual sages at various times, but the right understanding still eludes many. This book in a systematic, analytical and structured way helps you realize this game. It throws light on many important aspects of life such as karma, religion, astrology, vision, health, meditation, illness and sets a right platform for you to rise spiritually and materially through discovering this blend. As right perspectives are shone upon many key and core dimensions of life, you will muster strength to overcome the limiting boundaries that were braking you down and in turn will accomplish all that you longed for. But in the larger context it gradually attunes one to the natural energies of life and become one with it. We go back to our self.

  • Book Subject: Spiritual
  • Publisher: Printbox Publication
  • Author: Bankim shah