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Ck Arctic Fox 12

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Rs. 999.00
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Age : 3 Year+

Who doesn’t love the beautiful snow? well, the Arctic fox definitely loves the cold weather and the snow. The Arctic fox is known for its thick beautiful white and warm fur. Believe it or not, the Arctic Fox’s fur does not stay white all year long. It turns white in winter and brown in the summer. This Arctic fox animal plush will keep its white fur all year long; to make sure of that, it is made of high - quality materials and is surface washable. This plushie makes a wonderful addition to any Arctic themed room. This plush toy is highly detailed creating a lifelike feeling, allowing your child to go on an adventure in the Arctic Tundra from the safety of your home. Cuddlekins come in an array of animals, so start collecting them all today. Wild Republic has specialized in designing realistic stuffed animals and educational toys for kids since 1979.

  • Cozy up cozy up to this adorable stuffed animal and stay warm throughout the cold winter months, and any other time of the year with Cuddlkins by Wild Republic.
  • People of all ages go GaGa for lifelike stuffed animals which are made of high- quality fabrics.
  • This Arctic fox stuffed toy is approximately 12- inches, making it the perfect size to carry around on any adventure.
  • These plush toys are surface washable and smooth to the touch, what a great combination to have.
  • The realistic design seems to make this animal plush come to life which separates it from the rest of the competition.