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CMON Limited Xenoshyft Onslaught Board Game

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Age: 13 Year+

XenoShyft is a base defense, deck-building game for 1 to 4 players, with each player controlling one of the Divisions of the NorTec Military: The Science Labs, Med Bay, Armory, Weapon’s Research, Barracks, and Command Center. Each of these divisions represents one part of the overall NorTec Base, and it is your job as commander of these Divisions to protect the base while its field operations are completed. You and your teammates will have to work together to survive the continuous onslaught of powerful alien threats and horrors. The goal of the mission is not to wipe out these threats, but to merely outlast them! Survive through nine rounds of combat with these horrors and the base will have succeeded in its mission, and you and your allies will have survived to fight another day.

  • XenoShyft: Onsluaght has many deck-building elements, but plays more like a table top version of the base defense game genre made popular on mobile devices.
  • Using a wide array of troops, weapons, armors, and technology cards, players must last 9 rounds as the alien hordes bombard the NorTec base in increasingly difficult waves.
  • Illustrated by three amazing artists, XenoShyft features beautiful and consistent art. All of which creates one cohesive and frightening universe.
  • 1 to 4 players
  • 45 minute playing time
  • Contents: -
    • 108 Hive Cards
    • 120 Item Cards
    • 24 Item Tracker Cards
    • 20 Ability Tokens
    • 20 Damage Tokens
    • 83 Nortec Troop Cards
    • 6 Unique Division Cards
    • 78 Xenosathem Cards
    • 6 Hive Boss Cards
    • 1 Spin-Down HP Trackers
    • 4 Hive Lane Dashboards
    • 1 Wave Dashboard
    • 1 Item Dashboard
    • 1 Rulebook