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Discovery Kids Science Rocket Kit

Rs. 999.00
SKU 6000180

Age: 14 Year+

Build & launch your very own working rocket assemble your very own rocket & blast off into the sky this kit includes everything you need to get started on your own rocket launching experiment. Make physics & chemistry fun This kit teaches physics & chemistry in a fun hands on way demonstrating how chemical reactions & expanding gases can produce enough power to launch your model rocket launches up to 50 feet this model rocket can fly up to 50 feet into the air make sure to use it outdoors & in an open space away from trees or buildings to give your rocket plenty of room to fly reusable for hours of fun unlike exploding single use rockets reusable for endless liftoffs just rinse & refill with baking soda & vinegar for a new experiment every time toy rocket launcher.

  • Rocket launches up to 50 feet in the air
  • Rocket is reusable for multiple experiment sessions
  • Rocket is powered by vinegar and baking soda (not included)
  • Fun fact poster and sticker decals are included