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Logico Maximo

by Grolier
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Age : 8 Year+

The Logico Maximo series includes 16 game books, a game board and an interactive series of learning cards that make learning fun. The game books are divided into three sets, one each for brain development, English and mathematics. The learning cards in every game book carry explanations of concepts and have to be inserted into the game board to answer certain questions. The game board has 18 buttons, which correspond to 18 questions on each card. Children have to read the question on every card in the series and answer them. The answers for every exercise are given at the back of each card. The game board has been designed to improve concentration and cultivate a keen interest in learning. Concepts like line intersection and direction, patterns, movement, perspectives and geometry are tackled in the brain development series. This series helps children improve their analytical skills, logical thinking and the ability to observe details. The learning cards in the English series teach children how to construct sentences and use different words effectively. They also improve children's attention to detail and visual memory by giving real-life examples. In the mathematics series, concepts like mental arithmetic, dimensions, measurements and fractions are explained. All the sets cover simple concepts through exciting activities and help improve children's all round skills while allowing them to have a good time.


Logico Maximo  honed the following skills:-

1. Concentration and perception abilities
2. Logical thinking and reasoning skills
3. Spatial imagination and geometrical thinking skills
4. English vocabularies and sentence structures familiarizing abilities
5. Basic mathematical concepts and operation skills
6. Problem solving and ideas association skills

Logico Maximo is  presented in 3 main themes:-

    Lines - Intersection and Direction
    Patterns - Reflection and Rotation
    Movements - Direction and Position
    Perspectives - Spatial Orientation
    Geometry 3
    Geometry 4
    English 1
    English 2
    English 3
    Mental Arithmetic
    Dimensions and Measurements
    Geometrical Shapes and Solids
    Area Calculation
    Circle and Angle
    Fractions 1
  • Fractions 2
  • Logico Maximo  consists of 1 board and 16 folders or themes.
  • Logico Maximo can be used for children from 8 years and older.