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Guess It, Get It, Gumballs Cooperative Game of Faces and Feelings

Rs. 1,799.00

Age : 4 Year+

This fun and engaging memory game helps kids learn about feelings. Spin the spinner and use the gumball-grabbing mirror to choose a matching color gumball. Look in the mirror and make the face you think you grabbed. Is it a happy face? A mad face? A silly face? If you guessed right, add the gumball to the scoreboard. If not, put it back in the machine for you to remember. For everyone to win, work together to collect a rainbow of gumballs before you find the stink faces! Helps develop memory, empathy, shared decision-making and cooperation. Includes 1 game board, 27 gumball faces, 1 spinner, 1 gumball-grabbing mirror, 1 scoreboard, 1 face example board with stand, instructions and parent guide.

Age Recommendation: Ages 4 and up

  • FUN FOR ALL: Guess It, Get It, Gumballs is an engaging cooperative memory game that helps kids learn about their feelings as they identify different emotions in colorful gumballs.
  • GAMEPLAY: With the gumball-grabbing mirror, get a gumball and make the face you think you grabbed. Is it happy, mad, or silly? Guess right and add it to the scoreboard! Try to win before finding stink faces.
  • INCLUDES: Game board, 27 gumball faces, spinner, gumball-grabbing mirror, scoreboard, face example board with stand, instructions, parent guide. This game is for children ages 4 years old and up.
  • HEART & SOUL: Inspire cooperation & kindness in the family with meaningful board games, toys, & activities. Build connections & compassion as you’re cooperative in teamwork, are kind, work in teams, & cooperate together.
  • CLASSROOM EDUCATION: This game about empathy is a great educational learning tool for boys and girls as teachers teach kids. Activities are a teaching aid that youth use to study and learn in class.