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Rush Hour Shift

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Rush Hour Shift is a bumper-to-bumper logic game. Based off of the best-selling sliding block game, this gridlock challenge is a battle of strategy and logic for two. As you draw cards, you’ll need a little luck and a clever strategy to get your car out first. You’ll have to think fast because this two-player logic game shifts as you play. Will you advance your own car or block your opponent? The options and learning in this logic game are endless.

Escape before your opponent, that's the goal! The best-selling sliding block logic game is now for two players. Every move counts in this race to cross traffic. As you draw cards, you'll need a little luck and a clever strategy to win. Should you use your turn to advance your own Hero Car or block your opponent? The potential moves are endless and the shifting Traffic Grid adds a whole new dimension to play. Just when you think you've cleared a path to the finish, a shift of the grid can change the game!

  • WHAT YOU GET - The award winning game Rush Hour, now for two players! Get your car to the other side of the grid before your opponent can do the same, but watch out for the shifting board!
  • CLEAR INSTRUCTIONS – Easy to learn with a clear, high quality instruction manual. You can start playing immediately!
  • DEVELOPS CRITICAL SKILLS - Build spatial and problem solving skills through fun gameplay.
  • STRATEGIC GAMEPLAY - Think strategically as you plot to move your own car across the traffic grid before your opponent. The shifting traffic grid and instruction cards add to the fun and the strategy.
  • AWARD WINNER - Parents Choice Gold Award, Recommended by American MENSA, 2016 Toy of the Year Finalist.