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GoDiscover Bloom Interactive Learning Series

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Age : 3-5 Years

You might not find children get thrilled to hear about the Seven Wonders of the World. That is because children find everything around them a wonder, an amazement!. Their little world is filled with curiosity where learning has no boundary. They ask countless questions about everything they see and try to learn and understand the world around them. It’s their ever curious mind that makes them wonder and ask questions with a big WHY?! Children try to do new things on their own, to get answers to all their curious questions. To satisfy this immense curiosity and urge to learn something new every day, we, at goDiscover launched ‘Bloom’ for kids who are 3+ years of age. It makes their sweet little world a bit more fascinating!

  • Includes the 12 essential topics for children before they begin to read and write.
  • Content delivery through audio in British accent!
  • The special feature for the child or family members to record information and hear it back!
  • Various audio stimulations – Fun trivia, phonics, rhymes, animals sounds and a lot more!
  • 280+ re-recordable stickers to make your very own content for even more fun!
  • 1000+ interactions
  • 20000+ words
  • 200+ rhymes
  • 1000+ facts