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Diicii Astro Hunt Learning Dice Game

by Diicii
SKU 491902261


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Age : 4 Year+

In a galaxy farther than the far away, there lived a notorious Yuzu tribe. They craved for one thing more than anything in the world, to wreak havoc on planet Earth. It’s known 12 of them went rogue and were spotted recently in space. Yuzus often hide in plain sight and only the one with the greatest memory can capture them. To keep planet Earth safe, we need to capture at least 5 Yuzus to make their forces fall.

  • Place all the Yuzus randomly in front of you
  • Cover each of them with the spaceships provided.
  • Shuffle the cups placed in front to start off with the game.
  • Upon rolling the DiiCii, the player gets a chance to lift the spaceship.
  • Now, all you have to do is remember the position of the Yuzu.
  • All the players have to place the Yuzus in front of them in the sequence captured.
  • You also get the chance of stealing Yuzus from an opponent, for remembering the exact position of it.
  • The player will get another chance of rolling the DiiCii for correctly identifying the position of the Yuzu.
  • The first one to capture 5 Yuzus, completes the mission.

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