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Diicii Snakes & Ladders & Ludo Classic Dice Game

by Diicii
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Age : 4 Year+

Snakes & Ladders. With DiiCii, red takes you backwards while green takes you forward. You might just get a ladder on the way back with a red or get eaten by a snake while moving forward with a green!. The one to reach home in 10 moves wins! | 4 in 1 Ludo. Colour decides the number of steps. Green doubles the number while red remains the same. Colour decides which player plays next. Green is clockwise while red is an-clockwise. Colour decides which player is to play. Player 1 is red, while player 2 is green or vice versa. Each player gets to roll the DiiCii consecutively. Same colour adds while opposite takes you to zero. 

  • Keep your pawns at the starting point.
  • Green is to go forward, red is to move backwards.
  • A player gets 10 rounds to reach home. One who reaches closest to home wins the game.
  • After each round, the players have to move the pawn forward on the scale to which round they are playing.
  • A player also gets one cheat move during the game which allows them to play a particular number to reach closer to home.
  • If none of the players are able to make it home, the player closest to home wins the game
  • Each player gets 4 pawns of either colours- red and green. Both the players have to choose the colour they want to play during the game.
  • Getting a 6 or 1 of the chosen colour gives the player a chance to start playing the game.
  • Even if the colour of the opponent player is rolled, one gets to move the pawn forward. For eg- If the colour chosen by Player is red and the colour rolled is: 3 green, the opponent player gets to move 3 steps forward.
  • The objective for either of the players is to reach home the quickest.