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Lift the Flap First Questions and Answers

by Hc
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Style: First Questions And Answers: How Does My Body Work?

(1) First Questions And Answers: How Does My Body Work? :-  Whether it's walking, talking, breathing, growing, eating or excreting, your body has a LOT going on. But how does it do it? What's really going on in there? Lift the flaps to find out!

(2) First Questions & Answers : Why Should I Share? :- Enter Christine Pym's adorable bug world and discover the importance of taking turns, being fair and sharing our planet with all living things. There's plenty to talk about and be inspired by.

(3) First Questions & Answers : Where Does My Food Go? :- From what happens when you swallow to why poo is brown, this enlightening book takes a rumbling, gurgling trip through the digestive system, meeting helpful juices, blood cells, vitamins and minerals along the way. Discover the stages of digestion, the roles your teeth, tongue, liver and pancreas play, and how different foods help our bodies to function.

(4) First Questions & Answers : What Is Racism? :- Answering young children's questions about racism is hard. This book gives both children and adults the language and sensitivity they need to talk about the topic. It gently explains what racism is, how it happens, why it is NEVER acceptable and what each and every one of us can do to eradicate it.

  • Age : 4 to 6 Years
  • Encyclopedia Book