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Play Doh Vinci Starter Set -Pink

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DohVinci Starter Set with Stamp and Scrape Tools

Kick start the DohVinci art and discover the creative possibilities! Easy to start and fun to master, DohVinci art supplies help almost anyone become an artist. Create all kinds of amazing artwork with the drawing tool, stamp and scrape tools, and tubes of drawing compound in this complete set. Simply load a tube into the drawing tool and squeeze the handle to start exploring a variety of drawing techniques and other ways to make unique, dimensional art. Use the scraping tool to smooth the compound for a background color or blend multiple compounds for a watercolor effect. Twist a stamp tip on the end of a drawing compound tube to add even more dimension to the art. This set includes an art board for practice, then use the drawing compound and tools on other art projects like paper, canvas, cardboard, glass, and more!

  • Kickstart DohVinci art with this complete art supply starter set
  • Drawing tool squeezes drawing compound onto a variety of surfaces
  • Create art on surfaces like paper, canvas, cardboard, glass, and more
  • Smooth the compound with the scraping tool for cool watercolor effects
  • Twist a stamp tip on the end to add dimensional stamps
  • Includes drawing tool, 2 stamp tips, scraping tool, 4 tubes of DohVinci drawing compound, art board, and instructions.
  • Ages 6 and up.
  • Easy to Start, Fun to Master