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The Wishing-Chair Short Story ( Set Of 8 Books )

by RBC
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The Wishing-Chair Short Story Collection 8 Books Box Set By Enid Blyton:

Off on a Holiday Adventure:
When Mollie and Peter go to buy their mother a birthday present, they discover the most extraordinary thing: a chair that can fly and grant wishes!

The Royal Birthday Party:
Together with their friend Binky the Pixie, Mollie and Peter wish to become a prince and princess for the day, celebrating the birthday of Princess Peronell at the royal palace. But whatever do you give a princess for their birthday?

A Daring School Rescue:
But on a mission to find their missing toys, the children are captured and made to attend the very strict school for bad brownies! However will they escape and find the wishing-chair again?

The Witch's Lost Cat:
And so when their little black cat, Whiskers, goes missing, they know just who to call upon to help them find her!

Home for Half-Term:
Mollie and Peter are very lucky - they have a Wishing-Chair that will fly them to any magical land and grant them their every wish! And so when they arrive home from school for the half-terms holidays, they can't wait to embark on their next adventure!

Santa Claus and the Wishing-Chair:
When Mollie and Peter come across Santa Claus with a broken sleigh and runaway reindeers, they have have to help him work a plan to rescue Christmas.

The Goblin and The Lost Ring:
And so when a goblin steals their mother's ring, they set off on an adventure on the Wishing-Chair to the goblin village to get it back!

A Summertime Mystery:
Join Mollie and Peter on a perilous trip to a disappearing island and meet a mysterious wizard carried on the wind...

  • Paperback Book
  • Age : 5 to 8 Years