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Fat Brain Toys Fish to Fish

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Age : 8 Years+

Fish to Fish - It’s Fin to Fin Fun!

An attribute game that gets families in the swim of observation, critical thinking and fun interaction!

Green to orange, polka dots to stripes, big eye to small eye… The fish will be moving in formation only if you have fast eyes, faster fingers, and can sequence them swiftly!

Everyone plays simultaneously so fun is at high tide - and the game is fast paced.

Sea the Layout:
Notice, there are single fish tiles and double fish tiles. Double tiles are placed in a stack in the center of all the single tiles.

Go Fishing:
The double tiles give players their objective. Look at the first fish on the double tile. The goal is to make the first fish become like the second fish. The way to do that - players pick out single tiles one by one. Each time they try to choose a tile with just one attribute adjustment. Eventually, their string of selected tiles changes little by little to become just like the second fish!

Reeling in Points:
When your fish finally looks like the one pictured on the double tile - What a catch! You’ve angler-ed your way to success! Keep that double tile as a scored point, and everyone starts all over again, hoping to hook the next fishy sequence.

Even better than catching fish, this game catches everyone having fun! There are plenty of tiles and five different attributes that can be changed, so no one is ever bored or lacking a tile to play.

Attributes for linking fish include:

COLOR: Green, Orange
EYE: Big Eye, Small Eye
MOUTH: Closed Mouth, Open Mouth
FIN: Pointy Fin, Splayed Fin
PATTERN: Stripes, Dots…

It’s a frantic race to successfully change only one fishy attribute at a time.

If you succeed, Fin-tastic!
If you fail, eeeessh… (Your opponents may call you shark bait.)

Fish to Fish
  • A fast moving fishy attribute game
  • Change fish characteristics one by one until you make the final fish
  • Encourages observation, critical thinking, fun interaction
  • A fast-paced game that’s fun for a wide range of ages
  • Cute, clever graphics display attributes clearly
  • 32 Fish Tiles, 32 Fish Cards
  • Game rules included
  • High quality materials for lasting enjoyment

    Approved by Parents' Choice
    Creative Child Preferred Choice Award