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GiGaMic Katamino Family Board Game

by GiGaMic


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Age : 3 Years+

Katamino family is the newest edition in the Katana line. It features the 2-player game play developed in our winomino and Katana duo products, An activity guide filled with puzzles and activities for children (as young as age 3) and special 2-player game cards which have an easy and hard side. . . Allowing two players with different age/skill levels to compete in head-to-head matches with a mild handicap for the stronger player.

  • OVER 500 CHALLENGES: Play it again and again, increasing the difficulty and changing the shapes used in each puzzle!
  • SOLO OR COMPETITIVE: Tweak the rules to play with another player, trying to be the first to completely fill your side of the board.
  • CLASSIC PUZZLE: The game has had success for decades on end since its original release in the '90s, making it a true classic in the puzzle genre.
  • ORIGINAL EDUCATIONAL TOOL: The rulebook includes several variants to exercise problem-solving, teamwork, and spatial skills in different ways.
  • BEAUTIFUL WOODEN PIECES: Leave the game setup in the playroom between challenges, since the bright and colorful pieces make a nice accent to childlike decor.