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Reading Reflection Cards

by Lhbh
SKU 9788196024789


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Style: Reading Reflection Cards ( 4 to 8 Years)

Age : 3 Years

Reading reflection cards are educational flashcards that will go with all your storybooks. These reading activity cards for kids will transform your child's reading abilities, by giving them the missing piece of the puzzle for reading development. Reading reflection flashcards for kids will help the child analyse, evaluate, and synthesise the text. With questions to reflect on before, During and after reading a book. These cards will help children analyse different story elements and strengthen their comprehensions skills.

  • "Reading Reflection Cards" can Silverline your child's reading and strengthen their way of comprehending any story they read.
  • This pack contains 26 cards: 8 questions to reflect on before reading a book, 8 questions to reflect on during reading a book, and 10 questions to reflect on after reading a book.
  • “Before "cards help children reflect on their prior knowledge allowing them to apply it in various new contexts.
  • “During” cards allow children to take pauses while reading a book and reflect to connect with the text and strengthen their understanding and comprehension of the text.
  • “After” cards help children reflect on various aspects after reading a book to help them assimilate information, formulate opinions, and reinforce new learnings.
  • A tool for parents and educators to help children reflect, understand, and form opinions more efficiently.
  • Encourages children to think more deeply about what they have been reading and extends their engagement.