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Storybox - Baby Bookworm ( Book Subscription for Kids between 0-3 Years )



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Original price Rs. 2,000.00
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Months: 3 Months
Baby Bookworm (0 to 3 years)
Once you checkout your subscription, a Google form will be Emailed and WhatsApped to you. Please fill in all details carefully for Tanya to ensure she selects books best suited for your child's current reading & learning journey!
Your box will be shipped within 3 days of filling the Google form! 

Baby Bookworm StoryBox is a treasure trove of literary wonders specially crafted for your little ones aged 0-3 years. Delight in the joy of reading with our carefully curated book subscription box, proudly brought to you by a bookworm mom who understands the enchanting world of children's literature.

Discover the Magic of StoryBox:

1. Curated for Tiny Readers: The Baby Bookworm Box is thoughtfully curated to ignite a love for reading from the earliest age. Our book selection is tailored to captivate infants and toddlers, stimulating their senses and fostering a lifelong fondness for books.

2. Widest Range of Children's Books: We present a wide spectrum of children's books, carefully chosen to introduce your child to the mesmerizing world of colors, pictures, and words. From vibrant illustrations to interactive narratives, our books engage young minds and encourage early learning.

3. Building Essential Skills: StoryBox isn't just about reading; it's about enriching young minds. Our subscription aids in vital skill development, including picture and color recognition, word formation, hand-eye coordination, and more. Each book is a stepping stone in your child's developmental journey.

4. An Investment in Your Child's Reading Journey: Investing in a StoryBox is investing in your child's future. We believe that a strong foundation in reading and learning begins at an early age. By exposing your child to quality books, you set the stage for a lifelong passion for reading and academic success.

5. Perfect for Gifting: Looking for a meaningful gift? StoryBox is the ideal choice! Spread the joy of reading by gifting a subscription to a toddler or young reader, celebrating special occasions and milestones in a child's life.

6. Return Gift Option: Make your gatherings memorable with StoryBox as a return gift. Inspire other families to embrace the magic of reading, creating lasting impressions at birthdays, baby showers, and events.

7. Building a Child's Library: Collecting StoryBox subscriptions is like building a beautiful library for your child. Watch the collection grow as each box brings new adventures and bonding moments, creating cherished memories for years to come.

StoryBox is more than a subscription; it's an introduction to a world of imagination and wonder. Join us in nurturing a love for reading, one book at a time, and watch as your child's literary journey unfolds in the most magical way.