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Storybox - Tween Explorers ( Book Subscription for Kids between 7-12 Years )

by Toycra


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Rs. 2,000.00
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Months: 3 Months

Once you checkout your subscription, a Google form will be Emailed and WhatsApped to you. Please fill in all details carefully for Tanya to ensure she selects books best suited for your child's current reading & learning journey! Your box will be shipped within 3 days of filling the Google form! 

Tween Explorers StoryBox, is where young minds embark on a literary adventure like never before! Our specially curated book subscription box is tailor-made for Tween Explorers, ages 8 to 13, and is a testament to a bookworm mom's love for storytelling and the vibrant world of children's literature.

Embark on a Journey of Discovery with StoryBox:

1. Designed for Tween Explorers: This StoryBox is meticulously crafted to fuel the curiosity and imagination of tween readers. Our selections are curated to captivate their expanding interests, ensuring an exciting literary journey filled with diverse subjects and thrilling stories.

2. A Vast Array of Children's Books: Dive into a vast sea of children's books within each StoryBox. We pride ourselves on presenting a broad spectrum of genres, authors, and narratives, allowing tweens to explore and broaden their reading horizons.

3. Discover New Worlds and Genres: With StoryBox, tweens will delve into an array of genres - from adventure and mystery to fantasy and science fiction. Our co-founder, Tanya Shah, takes pride in selecting books that will ignite a passion for reading and open doors to new worlds and experiences.

4. An Investment in Your Child's Reading Journey: StoryBox is more than a subscription; it's an investment in your child's intellectual growth. By exposing tweens to diverse literature, we cultivate critical thinking, creativity, and a love for lifelong learning. Equip them with the skills to navigate the world through the power of knowledge.

5. The Perfect Gift for Tween Bookworms: Searching for an exceptional gift for a tween book lover? StoryBox is the answer! Give the gift of exploration and imagination, sparking joy and wonder in the hearts of young readers. Celebrate birthdays and special occasions with a subscription that keeps on giving.

6. Elevate Your Celebrations with StoryBox: Make your gatherings memorable by choosing StoryBox as a return gift. Encourage reading among friends and inspire a passion for books as you share the magic of stories with others.

7. Build a Tween Library of Adventures: StoryBox invites you to build a library of adventures and knowledge for your tweens. Each subscription adds to their collection, fostering a lifelong love for reading and empowering them with the knowledge to conquer the world.

StoryBox is an invitation to explore the enchanting realms of literature and immerse oneself in the magic of storytelling. It's a must-have companion for every Tween Explorer, paving the way to a lifetime of reading, learning, and endless discovery. Join us in making StoryBox an essential part of your child's reading journey!