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Uboard Ecart Drifter

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Original price Rs. 49,999.00
Current price Rs. 45,999.00

Age : 12 Year+

Drive like a go cart or lift the drift bar to kick into E-cart drifter mode. The E-cart drifter comes equipped with a drift handle to driver to vary the rear caster angle so you can drive and drift in any direction.

With driving performance of that of a commercial grade GO-cart unleash the racer within you or lift the drift handle to enter super drift mode and unleash the power of proffesional drifting like never before.

The E-cart now comes with a horn to warn the people around, break light for safety and adjustable driver seat to make it fun for kids and adults alike

  • Battery - Lead acid 36V, 6Ah.
  • easy adjustable seat.
  • seat belt protection.
  • Side handlebar for drifting.
  • Bigger in size with extra foot space.
  • key ignition.
  • high beam head light.
  • Electronic brakes.
  • Foot acceleration, manual speed control.
  • Max. Load : 120 Kg